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The Dragon takes on newcomer Christina Carter aka The Bomb Welcome Tory Lane "The Hurricane" to US. Semi Finals rookie cup match up. Winner moves on to finals but first she needs to destroy this loser and permanently taint her record.

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Ultimate Surrender

Ariel Steps in very last minute with no preparation to take on Bella. Bella could have the advantage here. Dragon takes on the upstart Nightmare. The Jester finger fucks the Brawler in this intense episode!
Brutal non scripted wrestling. Loser gets humiliated and fucked. Syd Black, the Hungarian Nightmare, came with skills against Nina Syd Blakovich decides to put fate into her own hands and she's wrestling for her team for the first ever tag match up.
The Goddess, Isis Love, takes on Phoenix. Promising rookie Odile, "The Dynam-O" shows newbie Reena "The Tigress" Sky what this mat is all about! Winner humiliates the losers. Spits in Face, Squirts on her, Shaves pussy hair and glues it to her face with Honey. Loser left Genuinely humiliated!
4 girls wrestling in the only non-scripted catfighting on the net! Brutal real sex fighting!! Izamar has brut strength and bullies her way around Bella. This Match is back and forth action for the true fans of competitive sexual grappling Isis Love takes on the bigger, stronger Xana Star
Crimson Ninja is far from human as she takes on Annie Cruz A naturally skilled rookie faces off against "The Annihilator." In the same weight class, and both strong as hell, this is a match not to be The last of the shoots we did for Playboy Sexcetera.
Two big titted blonds catfight, winner fucked the helpless loser. Orgasm on the Mat loses the match for one of these teams. They are fucked with the most giant dildo ever seen on US. Big cock cums all over loser face Today begins the Summer Vengeance tournament. The top 16 ranked wrestlers battle for the title of champion!!!!
Janay aka Ice takes on Yellow Kitty Hot Asian MILF kicks 19yrs old blond's ass, then fucks her like a whore! Real Catfight! Team Purple can't continue: concedes loss after 2 rounds. Princess Donna masterfully fists the losers while they please the victors with their fa
Non Scripted nude F/F wrestling Ultimate Surrender.com The Gymnast vs The Trouper. Who gets the fucking? Crimson Ninja takes on The Dragon. Who sucks the cock?
Janay literally pummels Lynn Dumaire BATTLE OF THE CHAMPIONS! TAG TEAM ACTION: Last seasons top 4 battle in brutal Tag Team Action! Final Wrestling round! Little wreslter gets beaten down and fucked for losing. HOT!
ULTIMATE SURRENDER SEASON NINE! JESSIE COX 2 redheads catfight to see who fucks who. Brutal!!! Crimson Ninja vs Kat. Who takes on the dildo?

The Ninja is ready to take on the undefeated Dragon Round 1-Two Veterans with bitter Grudges against each other head the tag team match hoping to lead their team to victory and fuck the losers Wrestling Bully makes the loser submit on the mat, physically and sexually Porn Star Samantha Sin gets her ass kicked in wrestling!.
DragonLily takes on Hollie Stevens aka The Amazon This will go down in history of ultimate Surrender. One wrestler has control the majority of the match but still loses Two sexy rookies battle it out to see who fuck who. Non-scripted Submission, sex wrestling at its best. Blonde gets her ass kicked, she is not happy! Two of our strongest girls come at each other hard and fast. Loser is DP'ed and treated like a sex slave.
Season Seven Match JESSE COX Feisty tough girl rookie gets a lesson in humility. The champ is back & she wants every single wrestler to know it. No More Miss Nice Girl EVER AG Two rookies go tit to tit to see who the best rookie of season 12 will be. 100% effort from both girls 100% of the time
Submission after Submission. Brutal, painful, Humiliating submission holds Kat takes on Princess Donna aka Spider Two MILFS brutally fight it out to see who fucks who! No mercy!! Brutal 4 girl Tag Team Match up! Non-scripted, sexual submission wrestling. All in front of a live audience! Losers get fucked hard by the winners!
The Barbie Brawler gets stuck under Bella Rossi's huge tits and has to lay there and take it. Naked F/F sex wreslting, non scripted, winner fucked the loser. The two losers team up afterwards and do 2 on 1 revenge on the winner.
Brutal tag team naked f/f wrestling NON-SCRIPTED! losers fucked. The Dragon still undefeated, wrestles the ever-tough Lola! Each girl gets one round to prove herself against her opponent. If she wins she moves on to face the next opponent. Feather Weight Tag match. Some times the smallest girls can be the biggest fun. Non stop necessary sexual roughness
Tiny Blond gets her ass kicked, then gets her ass fucked for losing. Totally non-scripted wresting, where the losers get fucked by the winners! Live, non scripted tag team NUDE wreslting in front of a crowd. Bratty Loser needs to Chill out. Dunked in a bucket of ice and humiliated for losing by just a few points. Final RD of the 2010 Tag Team Championship match. Non-scripted Brutal leg locks, scissor holds, & double teaming, helpless girls fingered on the m
Season Seven Match THE DRAGON The Pirate takes on the heavier and perhaps stronger Amazon Two Titans battle it out in non-scripted sex wrestling, loser got fisted and brutally fucked by the winner. Crushing leg scissors and submissions! Last RD of wrestling for Nov's Live Match: Only 3pts separate the 2 teams going into the last RD, which team wants it, who will step up to be a h

Naked catfight, loser got fucked hard by the winner. All eyes are on these girls as they battle for the belts and it may just be too much for some girls to handle. 4 girl Nude Sexual Tag Team wrestling league! Non-scripted action! Best wrestling on the net! Can "La Diabla" bend this rookie into submission? Or will she experience the worst humiliation any seasoned wrestler can, choking on rookie
Hot Blond vs Hot 18 year old rookie. Both girls fighting for a spot for the world acclaimed SUMMER VENGEANCE Tournament starting June 3rd! The final round of this amazing Tag Team Match up. 4 girls going head to head in unscripted live wrestling in front of a live audience. Brutal action! Wrestler can not continue after a brutal first round. F/F nude Is there a wrestler out there, anywhere that can beat Jessica?
Dragon Lily is back on the mats wrestling for her team and she's in top shape. This is THE most exciting round of the match. Sure win for Jade Marxxx. Think again. Luna Light comes to us with no wrestling experience. She either lied about never wrestling or she's one hell of a fast learner Two girls battle naked, brutal wrestling, loser ass fucked!!
Bella wants to win Penny just to win Penny and Penny wants to win so she can meet up with Syd ( her arch nemesis this season) 5'2", 115lbs model, kicks the shit out of a 6'0" 140lb model, then fucks her!!! Blond kicks Asian's ass in Nude non-scripted hardcore wrestling! Big titted Asian gets beat up in real wrestling then fucked.
The Scorpion vs. The Grappler. Who gets the fucking? Vendetta takes on The Black Widow Delilah Strong loses catfight and gets brutally fucked by winner. Two shaved hot blonds wrestle to see who gets to fuck the other.
Two former collegiate athletes wrestle in a non scripted match. Loser got fucked in the ass. Buzzer goes off but the Dominate wrestler pays not mind to the time limits. She rips an orgasm out of her opponent after the Buzzer. SUMMER VENGEANCE SINGLE ELIMINATION TOURNEY: 14th vs 13th - Hot blonde takes it to feisty redhead. Kick her ass on the mat, brutal submissions holds. Big tits face off on the mat! Watch now to see who spends the day pinned and helpless, struggling to get the fingers out of her cunt!
Ariel X and Nina go at it in a real unscripted wrestling. These two all Natural girls are some of the scrappiest girls we have. They are both stubborn and horny. Isis Love get her ass kicked in non-scripted wrestling, She is beat and made to cum during the match, humiliated and then made to squirt on herself. 5 girl lesbian mass orgy & fuck fest. The losers are getting sexual destroyed by the winners & the FIST of ISIS. Brutal rough sex, fisting, sq
Hot Asain beats busty blond in non scripted nude wreslting. Behind the Scene: A day in the life of the folks who run Ultimate Surrender. How we book and deal with cancelations and training models for competitiv Two hot blonds battle it out to see who fucks who! Amazing Non-scripted nude sex wrestling, The only real Girl/Girl wresting on the net! TAG TEAM!!!